Retro RFH Beach Girls

An almost winter reprise in honor of unseasonably warm weather and RFH times … Really. What’s better than some RFH girls on the … stage.

On the cusp of winter, a waft of warm air has blown in. With it came memories of beached days — staged ones, at least, with some RFH beach girls (and boys?).

Never mind the air, though. What’s more toasty, or toast worthy, than the memories of a RFH bathing beauty friends sharing a big ol’ hoot of a time all suited up with no beach to sunbathe on? Memories like that keep old RFHers laughing — or cackling, really.

That they did, and still do, over this special rendition of The Beach Boys’ Girls on the Beach in the Freshmen Follies.

The year was 1974 and this little ditty was done with a little lip syncing and sunbathing gear that was telling of what was in some moms’ closets in that era. Sorry, moms, it was a bit hilariously scary.

In honor of it all, the triple-dose Retro Pic(s) of the (George) Day are dedicated to this special crew of stunners.

Recognize any of these sun worshippers? Who’s that behind those Foster Grants or Acme specials? Who in this photo was on the RFH Class of ’78 reunion committee?

Somehow, I doubt anyone would be up to some beach blanket bingo with these gals. Costumes? Props? Action!

Thanks, once again, to RFH alum George Day for this photo collage treat!

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management