Retro RFH Football Cheer

RFH JV cheerleaders ready and set to cheer at a football game in the 1970s
Photo/George Day

Football season has arrived with the fall season at RFH. And a real touchdown for football is always the cheerleading squad. 

There were the varsity and junior varsity squads. The look was very slightly different from one to the next, yet the sound and spirit was the same — from junior varsity to varsity, decades ago to now. 

High. Very high. So, we pay ode to those cheers and leaders of them, from then until now with a look at another squad of the 1970s. 

How long has it been since we’ve heard the good ol’ “Hey purple! Hey white! You look so good to me … hey, hey, hey PURPLE! Hey WHITE! …” or “Push ’em back! Push ’em back! Waaaayyy back!”? 

A long time. The attitude and those colors, however, will always remain the same.

And it’s another sure bet that you won’t see a saddle shoe, knee sock, tweed kilt, crew neck sweater or any other traditional-type cheerleading gear on the field either.

Oh, there are still pom-poms, but the outfits of today’s RFH cheerleader are quite different — more like gymnasts’ gear with bows on top of the head or some such adornment. Yes, the look is completely different, save for perhaps a pony tail or three, the sound is similar and the school spirit still soars.

This Retro Pic of the (George) Day was taken in the late 1970s. This is what the junior varsity cheerleading squad looked like. What else do you recall about the standard cheerleading outfit that you would like to see stay the same? What difference should be celebrated?

Recognize these JV RFH cheerleaders? Give us your favorite cheer!

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management