Retro RFH Football Cheer

RFH cheerleaders of the 1970s
Photo/RFH Yearbook

It’s high school football season. And what’s a game without a lot of cheering led by none other than cheerleaders, of course.

Oh, they’re still on the field leading the cheering, but the look is quite different. Back in the 1970s and for quite some time, the cheerleader look was all about kilts, plaid, saddle shoes and knee socks.

The crew neck sweater took the chill out of the fall cheering, let’s say. Though the girls were always warmed up via pom-pom peppered routines. There was a lot of cartwheeling, pyramid-making, flips, clapping and stomping to go with the cheers.

There’s still a lot of cheering going on, but it’s done in sweat suits, big hair bows and a more casual look.

Those saddle shoes of the past, though, really had to be broken in. One standard cheer back in the day started with “Hey, purple! Hey, white! You look so good to me!”

Your favorite cheerleader look? Cheer?

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management