Retro RFH Cool Dudes’ Chillin’ Pow-Wow

Back in the day, some RFH students preferred to literally chill outside the Senior Commons rather than inside. To them, those cool dudes, it was the perfect setting for a little pow-wow. Maybe the discussion was heated, though, right? Looks like it could have been.

It was the late 1970s when this group of guys, including a former class president and a few dudes known to have a not-so-hush illicit keg party or 10, decided to congregate and chill. Yes, they were way too cool.

Why they were there and what, exactly, they were up to is anyone’s guess. But, RFH Class of ’78 yearbook photographer extraordinaire George Day captured the moment.

The guys seem to be deep in thought, or mischief, or gossip, or … figuring out how to make the best and baddest use of some free time during the high school day. Yeah, that’s the ticket … or pathos.

The thought of that evokes some worry and laughs at the same time. Notice the stances from one photo to the other.

They’re posing right outside of that building that used to be referred to as the seniors’ building. It’s now the science building. Inside that building, right inside those doors that were to the side of these guys, was the infamous Senior Commons. It was all the 70s rage, with sunken floors, bean bag chairs, tables and even some cafeteria snacks.

So what were these cool seniors concocting and why are they doing it outside in a smattering of snow? Anyone?

Tell us who these RFH dudes are and what they’re up to. Your idea of fun on a snow(ish) day? Do tell. How about those cars?

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management