A Retro Happy Thanksgiving from the Kids’ Table

Thanksgiving at the kids' table in the 1960s with Kate and Ben Hamilton Photo/Hamilton family
Thanksgiving at the kids’ table in the 1960s with Kate and Ben Hamilton
Photo/Hamilton family

Our annual Thanksgiving tribute to the kids’ table … Remember that? Happy Thanksgiving, all! Stay safe. Stay healthy. Enjoy!

It’s Thanksgiving, and, yes, it’s all about giving thanks.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day is an ode to just that.

It’s a snapshot back in time to the 1960s with a sibling duo from Fair Haven — Ben and Kate Hamilton. Ben passed away and Kate had posted this picture on Facebook giving thanks for him. RIP, Ben.

The photo brings back memories of the era the kids’ holiday table. Remember that one?

Some of the best of times were to be had at that special little table meant for only the antics of little siblings, cousins and friends. And, yes, it kept the kids preoccupied with one another, pranking, spilling, laughing, crying, and everything else that the adults wanted to fend off in hopes of a pleasant and somewhat proper dining experience.

A lot went on at that kids’ table. For one, it looks like Kate and Ben did quite a job on that bird and perhaps had a couple of pranks cooking.

My family’s kids’ table antics went awry when the cousins cooked up a roast of a scheme “just for fun” to play hide-n-seek later and toss the youngest in the dryer. No adult was the wiser and we thought it was a grand and harmless idea, not to mention that it would be loads of fun for the kid to take a literal tumble.

Yes, he lived, but after the thumping that sent the adults to the basement to investigate, we almost didn’t.

So, in the spirit of the ol’ kids’ table and giving thanks for those times, Happy Thanksgiving R-FH area friends!

Oh, and the photo above is us at our best kids’ table behavior before the fun times took a unbeknownst bad prank turn and the crime scene was cordoned off in the basement.