Retro Winning Fair Daze

Call it fairly literal. With the not-so-fair weather lately, thoughts tend to turn to the hometown warmth and fun that is the Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair.

Everyone in the Rumson-Fair Haven area knows that it’s a tradition. And traditions hold strong when it comes to events like the fair in Fair Haven. There’s also the fire company’s spaghetti dinner that just happened on Saturday. So, in keeping with the tradition and the hope for some sunshine and rising temperatures, we celebrate summer fair fever, traditions — and some of the old time fair helpers who have cropped up in looks back at both lately.

This double-dose Retro Pic(s) of the Day offers a peak back to fair days of decades ago. In the left photo sits a lady you’ve seen a lot of in the past few days — Ann Dupree, formerly Ann McQueen. Ann has worked in the Super 50/50 Booth since it wasn’t the Super 50/50 Booth. She’s center, in her usual spot in this photo that dates back to likely the ’60s.

Pre-Super 50/50, a car was raffled off at that booth. At one time, it was even a boat that was the big prize. Ann, in more recent years was always seen at the fair booth with her cohort and friend Patty Overman, who passed away recently. The unbeknownst feature player in these recent retro pics also showed up in a Register clipping as Fair Haven Ladies’ Auxiliary president prepping for the spaghetti dinner circa 1970. That’s fire company biz, folks! Familiar faces through the decades. Tradition!

As for the other pic, check out the apron. Remember Sal’s Tavern in Red Bank? It was a classic. Recognize anyone?

Of course you do, because all’s fair after all.

Thanks to the FHFD for the archived photos!