Retro Fair Haven Weekend Living Room Gigging

Fair Haven living room band of the 1960s
Photo/the Croft family

What to do for weekend fun? Well, ya gotta get that band together for some living room jamming!

Hey, trying to be a Beatles copycat is a piece of Fair Haven cake — a generous portion — when you have two on guitar and one on flutophone in that living room in the 1960s. Yes, flutophone. No drums. No keyboard. But, that’s OK. It’s still a trio.

And it’s a festive trio lending a, perhaps, tone deaf ear, at that. Who cares when there’s an audience of one, two or none? It’s all about the playing, really.

This Fair Haven band of Mary, Flo and Paul was rockin’ — Beatles Abbey Road album, no doubt, on the record player. But, were they lip syncing? Hmmmmm …

Looks like Florence is doing a sound check to Mary’s “do, re, mi … fa so …” And, we do believe that Mary abandoned the Fair Haven Folk Singers (Yes, that was a real thing.) to go on tour with this rockin’ trio all the way to the living room — and, sometimes, kitchen.

Paul? Well, the flutophone just plays on … no matter what. Can’t kill those plastic things. And everyone in Fair Haven schools had one. Flutophone playing was required in music class. Ahem …

Though, we’re pretty sure the playable songs on that thing were limited to “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and such. Looks like Paul may have hit a few high notes there, though, and gone rogue on the band’s set list.

We know that Mary knew Michael Row the Boat Ashore, He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands and a few other two-chord wonders for the Folk Singers’ parade tour.

We just wonder what she was singing and strumming to here. Any guesses? Which song on that Abbey Road album in the background?

Sing and play on in that time machine, Croft trio! Thank God it’s Friday gig time in the 1960s! Who still has their flutophone?

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