Retro RFH Class Clown

The RFH clown in the class circa 1970s Photo/George Day
The RFH clown in the class circa 1970s
Photo/George Day

There’s one in every class — a class clown. And when the days get chillier and students’ silly energies are pent up indoors, clowning around becomes an art form.  

At RFH back in the 1970s, the art was taken to an extreme one fine, dull day. Not that we’re encouraging any antsy RFH students who may be a little bored and have the itch to engage in some mischievous antics …

But, hey, any way you look at it, that class clown always stands out. That’s the purpose, right? But, this one took his role literally, costume and all.

No clowning around. You could say he dissected the idea. Or, perhaps, it was an experiment for the little RFH lab rat, as in this case, the clown got his act down to a science in an RFH lab class. But, where’s the rest of the class? He didn’t get laughed out of the room, but it seems all but one uncostumed clown did.

Audience of one, this clown is clearly up to the entertainment challenge; or, at the very least, getting a real kick out of his clowny self. Whatever works, right?

The one and only George Day captured this clowning around moment at RFH.

We have no idea who this class clown is, but he (or she) sure suits the title and mood.

Scared of clowns? Who was your class clown?

John Caroli
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