Names in Fair Haven News: New Administrator, Volunteers

Who’s who and what? Well, in Fair Haven, starting at the literal top of the list, the borough’s new administrator, Christopher York, started work on Monday.

“I am proud to announce that on July 1st I will be the new Borough Administrator of Fair Haven,” York said in a LinkedIn post. “I look forward to working with this dedicated team of professionals who serve the Governing Body and residents of this great town.”

York is a retired Rumson police officer with 26 years on the force there, starting in 1997, rising through the ranks and retiring as captain. He is also an adjunct professor at Monmouth and Fairleigh Dickinson universities as well as Brookdale Community College and is also an instructor with the Monmouth County Police Academy, according to his LinkedIn profile. He has “experience teaching both undergraduate and graduate level courses in Criminal Justice and Public Administration at both state and private colleges” and is a “law enforcement education specialist.”

York has several degrees and certifications. The degrees he has are: MAS, or master’s of applied science; Ed.S, or education specialist. His certifications are: CPM, or Certified Public Manager; and CMR, or Certified Municipal Registrar.

His start date in Fair Haven and transition with outgoing administrator Theresa Casagrande were made official by resolution at last Monday’s Borough Council meeting. His salary, which is public information, was not disclosed in the resolution.

Also, by resolution at last Monday’s meeting, three volunteers were appointed to the Fair Haven Fire Department.

The new volunteers are now members of the fire company in various capacities.

“Our Fire Company thrives because of the continued 120 year commitment to service — and this commitment is possible because of members of our community who, year after year, step up to volunteer,” a post from the department said. “This month we welcome our newest members — representing both ‘newbies’ to Fair Haven and long time FHFD legacies!”

The fire company new members are …

Kevin Marren, firefighter …

Welcome, Kevin Marron, joining as a fire fighter, Karen Reddy – Auxiliary, and Ted Costello – Social!

Karen Reddy, Auxiliary member …

Karen, known as a familiar face around the firehouse, has pitched in at the fair. Her husband, Mike, is a former chief and president of the company. On a side note, their son, Liam, also served as a FHFD cadet and is a U.S. Army veteran.

Ted Costello, social member …

From FHFD … “Many members of Ted’s extended family have served and continue to serve the Fire Company. In the photo below, he is standing next to the dedication plaque on 1374, our historic American LaFrance engine. A name on that plaque means a lot to him. His uncle, James Costello, was chief in 1954, the year the engine was put into service. Sadly, Chief Costello passed away one month later, in November 1954, at the age of 30. Today, 70 years later, Ted continues that legacy of service.”

Congratulations and welcome to Chris York!

Thank you FHFD volunteers!