Looking Back at Where the Other Half of RFH Class of ’82 Stands

Yes, class is back in session; and, it doesn’t take an RFH grad to know that two halves equal a whole. In this case, this second half a class makes a whole RFH Class of ’82 taking a stand at Borden Stadium.

Now, that’s a whole … lot of antics pieced together in one comprehensive class pic of four decades ago. It remains to be seen, though, how much of the half or whole RFH Class of ’82 will show up and take a partying stand when at least some of the 266 of them reunite for their 40th reunion this weekend.

The talk of epic reunion times is all over the towns. It’s anyone’s guess how each will choose to commemorate his or her class. Judging by the photo, though, there will be plenty of clowns at this RFH circus of the reunited. And that’s a great thing.

We saw the other side of the class. For this side, finding the most grande photo bomber (or poser, really) is a tough choice to make. But try anyway!

Some are gone, like Lloyd Gross, longtime RFH English teacher, director and actor. There are plenty of stage folk in this side of the class, so the clowns are obvious to those who know them.

Find them. Tell us what they were up to then and what they’ll likely be up to at their grande 40th.

Cheers to the other half of the class! Now who calls which the better half? Here’s to coming together!

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management