Knollwood Graduation: Notable Moments, Awards, Recognition

It’s been a few weeks since eighth grade graduation from Knollwood School in Fair Haven; and, in case you missed it, some tidbits, such as milestone moments, quotes and awards, are here to look back on … 

The Fair Haven School District celebrated the Class of 2017 with Graduation Exercises at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) on the evening of June 19. Diplomas were awarded to 123 students graduating from the eighth grade at Knollwood School.
The evening began with graduating students Avery Fratto, Casina Rose Lundy, and Andrew Schmid sharing  “This I Believe” statements and short essays followed by a Visual Arts presentation highlighting projects completed this year by the Class of 2017.
The students then performed a rendition of The Rembrandts song I’ll Be There for You, directed by Knollwood School music teacher Mel Chayette.
Knollwood School Principal Amy Romano presented the Class of 2017, and addressed the topic of being present in any given moment.
“Class of 2017, you need to lead by example. May you never underestimate the power of being present,” said Romano. “Remember to be dedicated to those around you, to speak genuinely, to compliment others, and to simply live in the moment. There will always be time to access the world of information and your social connections, and it all can wait. Committing your time and focusing on those in your presence … rather than feeling the need to grab your phone to check for messages or to take a ‘real quick’ photo … is crucial to being present. As noted by French Philosopher Simone Weil, ‘Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.’ How you make the person in front of you feel is all that should matter. Graduates, always be mindful of your behaviors, actions, and responses when you are with your classmates, friends, and family. You will see how you will be more respected, valued, and appreciated.”
 Diplomas were awarded by Romano, Superintendent Sean McNeil and Board of Education President Bruce Padula.
During the ceremony, graduating students were recognized with the following special achievement awards:
·       The Bud Dupree Volunteer Award – Sofia Rehder
·       Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) Citizenship Award – Cece Arko and Andrew Schmid
·       Dr. Patricia B. Campbell Outstanding Artist Award – Maya Lee
·       Dorothea Degano Music Award – Johanna Krueger, Vic Mitterando, and Connor Medrow
·       Nancy Field Collier Music Award – Sara Neczesny and Matt Reulbach
·       Living the Writerly Life Award – Lauren DeSantis and Alex Fratto
·       John L. Measley Physical Education Award – Thomas Elgrim, Cortland McBarron, Grace Munt, and Dylan Rumage
·       Excellence in Mathematics Award – Isabella Papa
·       World Language Award/Spanish – Timmy Lake
·       World Language Award/French – Devon Reid
·       Historical Association of Fair Haven, Inc. – Hank Hyduke
·       Michael Mekenian Science Awards – Sophia Dalfonzo and Timmy Lake
·       F.H.E.A. Award for Academic Excellence – Kristiana Kuras
·       Superintendent’s Outstanding Student Award – Abby Gredell
The following awards for outstanding achievements and accomplishments were presented to members of the Knollwood School Class of 2017 prior to graduation exercises:
·       Spanish awards – Sophia Dalfonzo, Jack Joyce, Kristiana Kuras, Isabelle Papa, and Andrew Schmid
·       French awards – John Baker, Thomas Elgrim, Alex Fratto, Tim Lake, and Devon Reid
·       Literacy awards – Grace DeCarlo, Maddie Dengler, Avery Pawlak, Devon Reid, Graydon Santos, Ellie Sanville, Abby Tuorto, and Lily Zager
·       Math awards – Sophia Dalfonzo, Abby Gredell, Tim Lake, Isabelle Papa, and Devon Reid
·       Science awards – Sophia Dalfonzo, Abby Gredell, Hank Hyduke, Tim Lake, Oscar Lin, Alex Pane, Devon Reid, and Aidan Thorp
·       Fair Haven Booster Club Awards – Cortland McBarron and Ryan Patterson
·       Washington Citizenship Awards – Aidan Thorp and John Volker
At the conclusion of graduation, the Class of 2017 returned to Viola L. Sickles School, where many of them began their elementary school education.
There they attended the traditional graduation dance held in the school’s all-purpose room, which had been transformed into the Fair Haven Fireman’s Fair by parent volunteers.
— Edited press release from the Fair Haven School District
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