Iconic Spot Focus: River Rats & Doritos

While being a River Rat was a staple of summer life for many a Rumson-Fair Haven area rugrat, there were still those who didn’t sail into waterborne activity success. Some, instead, capsized inside at the thought of a wave taking the wind out of their little sails.

But, staying away from the banks of the Navesink was never even a flicker of a thought in an area youngster’s brain.

There was so much to do there — like wading, watching, feeling the sand between the toes and, well, having a heart-to-heart gabfest with a friend while fetching and freeing sand crabs and munching on a big bag of Doritos … tucked into a festive picnic basket, of course.

Yup. That’s was the summer scene for some. And it was more than enough. Sometimes, between Dorito chomping, sand, wading and chatting, the sunset would seem to creep up and those kids would realize that the River Rats had come to shore and gone home.

The walk home with that picnic basket, an empty bag and that buddy was the exhale for the night. The dream was a simple, sweet, well-lived one.

— Elaine Van Develde

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management