Focus: Through the … Barnacle’s Wreath

Perspective. It’s all about perspective, especially when it comes to a familiar riverfront scene in Rumson. No matter what way you look at it, it’ll light you up from inside.

So focusing on the sunset view from one simple holiday vantage point offers a closer look at being home for the holidays. Staying there, always in the heart.

This time, sitting at a high-top with a Barnacle Bill’s view through a wreath wraps it up — the gift. Sun down, lights up, the reflection is all about home and the little glints we will never miss if we keep the memories alive through our lone perspective — our view.

The flicker of even one light on a wreath’s full circle lens mesmerizes. It smiles and winks back with a bright flash. A glimmer of a memory gleams. It warms. It never blinds.

Seeing the light often means looking back, focusing on that one teensy, mammoth view of one moment in time.

Once upon a time, the best of teenage girlfriends guffawed over bad engagement pictures in the paper and awful boys. They nursed some coffee and a basket of fried zucchini sticks, satiated by the salty company. Shelling peanuts and rolling them in sea salt on their crumpled paper placemats, they mused about one day missing their misadventures, about coming home after college, about coming back to their table, to their time. They always came back, even when they could no longer sit together. One left at the table, the two still came back with the flash. The view focused, full circle, bright, never lost on either of them.

Look for yours … (click, enlarge, scroll) through the … wreath.

— Photos & reflective piece/Elaine Van Develde

There’s some light in the weekend weather forecast. Here it is, from the National Weather Service. Shine on, view …

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management