Focus: Bloody Flower Moon Over Rumson & Fair Haven

Full May Flower Blood Moon over Rumson
Photo/Loujeanne Cuje

Call it the bloody full flower moon of May. That about sums up last night’s lunar situation when a full eclipse gradually turned the moon blood red.

The total lunar eclipse came at just about 10:30 p.m. and the sky was lit by a blood moon and stars until 11:53. The May full moon is dubbed the flower moon. This year it came with the full eclipse and orange to blood color. Some got their view obscured by clouds, but in Rumson, RFH grad and longtime resident and photographer Loujeanne Cuje got a full view with stars and shared her photo with us (above).

In Fair Haven, the moon’s view pre-eclipse, close-up and bloody bright was caught just at the right moment Fair Havenite, photographer and artist by Susan Culbert (below).

May Flower Full Blood Moon over Fair Haven
Photo/Susan Culbert

If you couldn’t happen to get a good glimpse, take in the moon and all of its eclipse energy right here.

The lunar eclipse to start the week also kicked off a weather forecast of some brighter days. Some. Here it is for the Rumson-Fair Haven area from the National Weather Service …

John Caroli
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