Retro RFH Tower Players

Well, with all the excitement of the Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) Tower Players’ opening night of Secret Garden coming up on Friday, it seemed only right that we should offer a look back at the Tower Players of 1977.

So, here in a couple of yearbook shots is the featured photo showcasing the merry players in costume and on stage all set for some sort of action — or just for fun. The other photo (above) offers a glimpse of the presiding officers of the players.

Recognize anyone? Know who the president of the Tower Players was that year? Hint: We ran into her not too long ago when she came to town to celebrate the life of RFHer Kit Rowett. Kit’s sister, Betsy is in the featured photo. She, too, sadly passed away a few years ago. RIP, Kit and Betsy.

The show goes on with many fond memories … Curtain up!

Tell us about your favorite Tower Player play or times on stage.


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