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Retro RFH Mime Cheer

RFH Mime Troupe of the late 1970s/early '80s cheering "school's out?"
RFH Mime Troupe of the late 1970s/early ’80s cheering “school’s out?”

Graduation time is nearing. So is summer vacation.

It’s a time that incites a lot of cheering a la the old Alice Cooper song, “School’s Out for Summer!” Cheering customarily involves a lot of jumping up and down and loud vocalizing.

But, these RFHers of the late 1970s/80s had another effective way of getting the message across without sound — only movement and facial expression … silent, meticulously choreographed  movement and faces. Mime.

Remember? There was an RFH Mime Troupe in days gone by. And the troupe performed all over the place. They were quite renowned.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day is an ode to the mimes and getting many a message across with gusto and without a peep.

Besides, they really do look like they’re jumping up and down for joy over summer vacation or something pretty spectacular, like graduation.

Know who these guys are? We do.

— Elaine Van Develde