Retro Fair Haven Fifth Grade Class Act

Lately, in the Rumson-Fair Haven area, it’s been all about school pictures. Call it a class act.

Well, back in the day, like the early 1970s, class photos had a special kind of flair. They just don’t take or make them like they used to. But, that’s OK, because the composition was quite posed — perhaps even rehearsed. Still, the result was classic.

Preserved in time are the memories of that one favorite teacher and a class full of nervous, posing students — each wondering if his or her hair was combed just right (with that disposable plastic comb the photographer coiffed us with and tossed into a big box), blemishes were hidden and smiles were set.

Smiles were pretty bright with this fifth grade Willow Street School (now Sickles) crew in Fair Haven. Hey, they had Mr. DeMarco. He was a great teacher with a wonderfully calm demeanor.

Fashion was groovy in those days. Pigtails were in and … wait, what was with those huge collars. Anyone remember what they were called?

Fifth grade in Fair Haven is now at Knollwood. But, can you recall why it was set at Sickles (or Willow Street) back then?

Many of these little Fair Havenites recently reunited at their RFH 40th reunion. Cheese, please? Recognize anyone?