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Holy Cross Church: A Look at its Expansion From Start to Near Finish

Here’s Holy Cross Church. Here’s its steeple. Open the doors … Well, not quite yet.

By the looks of things and according to the word around town, the Rumson church will be ready for its people (or parishioners) by the summer.

And it looks that way.

With the foundation of the 1885 church restoration/expansion blessed on Nov. 3, 2013, after the project broke ground that spring, construction was slated for completion by the end of 2014. While it has looked very close to finished for several months, a look back from its groundbreaking to now shows the progress and latest refinements.

The church project has been a contentious one from the start, tainted by the scandal of its leader in the early 2000s, Rev. Joseph Hughes, who pleaded guilty to embezzling millions from the church and its revamp fundraising coffers.

Then there were battles over the size of the expansion of what was a small, white-shingled 1885 church the expansion of which is being tailored to recreate the original design of Charles Keely.

For fundraising sponsorship offers, check out the church’s website by clicking here.

— Photos and story/Elaine Van Develde