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Honoring Fair Haven’s Larry Quigley

By Elaine Van Develde

What is it that longtime Fair Havenite Larry Quigley has not done as a volunteer serving the town he has called home for more than a quarter of a century?

“That’s the question,” Mayor Ben Lucarelli said before Monday night’s Borough Council meeting as he looked over a proclamation the borough had prepared to honor Quigley. “If you ask what he’s done, the list is just endless. So the question becomes ‘What has Larry Quigley not done?’ and the answer is ‘Not much.’ I’m looking at about, let’s see, nine committees and/or boards he’s served on, not to mention the fire company.”

So, the mayor said, that’s why the borough decided to honor Quigley. “He really deserves it,” Lucarelli said.

Quigley, an attorney, has lived in the borough for more than 25 years, the proclamation said. He was recognized for his “many years of selfless public service.”

In those years, Quigley has served on Fair Haven’s: Historic Commission; Planning and Zoning (14 years) boards, with a stint as vice-chairman of Zoning; Long Range Planning Committee, as chairman of its Land Use subcommittee; Land Use and Revision Committee (1996 to 1998); Memorial Park Advisory Committee; World War II Veterans’ Memorial Monument Committee; 9/11 Memorial Committee; and the Communications Committee, as its first chairman in 2003.

Quigley was also chairman of the 2008 Veterans Day in the borough.

He was also a social member of the Fair Haven Volunteer Fire Department.

“As our first Communications Committee chair, Larry really helped a lot with advising the administration on how to effectively communicate with residents, such as with our newsletter (Focus on Fair Haven), and he was also the unofficial photographer for a lot of events,” the mayor said. “His dedication just didn’t stop at committees. Larry’s advice, as the proclamation says, has been sought out by everybody — mayors, administrators, council members, attorneys, employees. We thank him and wish him the best.”



A Look Back on Holiday Partying with the Fair Haven FD Ladies’ Auxiliary

Fair Haven Volunteer Fire Department’s Ladies’ Auxiliary celebrates the holidays many years ago. Pictured are: FRONT ROW Mary Farley, Sally Van Develde, Millie Felsmann, Paula Mulvihill, Mary LeCardi, Jane Croft, Evie Kelly, Joanne Fowler, BACK ROW Kathy Watson, Ethel Russek, Bobby Lang, Florrie Carlock, Ruth Binaco, Elinore Osborne, Jean Burgess, Mary Albertson, Marion Bennett, Jackie Leslie, Chris Schrank, Trish DePonti, Raquel Falotico, Dale Connor, Nellie Egeland, Esther England, Dot Connor and Kathy Robbins. Photo/Kathy Robbins

Our Retro Pic of the Day brings us decades back to a snapshot of a little holiday party fun with the Fair Haven Volunteer Fire Department’s Ladies’ Auxiliary.

There are an awful lot of familiar faces in this shot, including some Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) grads and/or their mothers — this editor’s mom, too.

Take a look and see who you recognize. Thanks to Kathy Robbins who took the photo and circulated it last year on Facebook.