Retro Theatrical RFHers’ Day at the Beach

A day at the beach with RFHers and Barn Theater friends
Photo/courtesy of Rossi

It’s the start of a Memorial Day weekend of a different kind — the pandemic kind.

And while the beaches will be open in some spots along the shore, social distancing will still apply and a new normal set of rules will apply to sunbathers looking for a little quarantine-free connection.

Back in the early 80s, though, there were no rules; and, hanging on the beach usually meant hanging on one another, especially for the theatrical. The clinging of like creative minds of sorts. This group of RFHers and Rumson Barn Theater friends clustered like a close-knit Addams family on a mission to make memories. And they did.

They’re still friends. A beach reunion gathering for the unofficial start of summer? They’re dreaming about it and the closeness, like all good friends wrenched apart by COVID-19. But, the memories sustain them. It’s the knowledge of their luck to have had one another that keeps spirits soaring as people clamor in lines to get beach badges for time on a swath of sand this weekend. This crew will take the safety and memories for the time being.

“Just because it’s gorgeous out, and we all need to smile and I’ve been cleaning house, here is a blast from the past the Barn theatre gang hanging out on Double Vision Beach Sandy Hook circa 1980,” said former RFHer Chef Rossi, a leader of this pack.

All of these teens were seen on stage and/or backstage at RFH and/or The Barn. Most were from Rumson and Fair Haven. A couple were from the surrounding area. Recognize them?

Thanks to Rossi for this fabulous look back in theatrical time!