Retro Happy Stokes Campers

Some sixth grade Fair Haven boys at Stokes
Photo/David Struve

Well, it’s still Stokes week for Fair Haven sixth graders and the longtime tradition is rife with tales of the trip.

This featured snapshot back into the woods in the early 1970s at Stokes focuses on a few RFH counselor guys (and a sixth grader) seem to have happened upon some sort of sight or adventure. Lost boys? Perhaps.

They obviously spied something quite interesting on their trail. Though, it could have been a prank in the making. Those were quite popular in the earlier Stokes days.

Do you know which one is still living in the area? He actually went to Stokes twice — once as a camper and once as a RFH senior counselor, otherwise known as a CAT.

Remember the CATs? They are no more, but you had to get hand picked to be one and this group of 1978 CATs was quite the motley crew. Who are the other boys in the pic? And, really, what the heck were they looking at? Jersey Devil?

— Thanks to David Struve for this classic pic!

John Caroli
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