Retro RFH Boys’ Spring Fever-Fueled Ride

RFH boys and their bikes.
Photo/George Day

Ohhhh, spring is starting to sprout a bit. The temperature is rising and all is good. Spring fever has kicked in. The fever is downright piping hot and spreading for many. And there’s nothing like a spring bike ride to kick daydreams of the season into full-swing gear.

So, our Retro Pic of the (George) Day gives a glimpse into a simple moment of camaraderie and after-school trekking around Rumson when taking a ride on your 10-speed was pretty status quo.

Yes, kids still ride bikes, but it’s much less of a typical idea of afternoon fun. This was one of those times in the 1970s when getting air in your bicycle tires was something that was seen a lot.

Don’t forget, there were far fewer organized activities and electronics to keep teens busy. Yes, there were sports, but fun was much more freelance in nature.

This shot features some familiar RFH guys at that corner of Ridge Road and Avenue of Two Rivers, across from the Fromagerie, where there used to be a gas station.

Do you remember what gas station it was? What was the most popular bicycle of the era? I’m thinking Schwinn, right? And how about the other ride — that car?

— Thanks to George Day for this fabulous shot back in RFH springtime!
** George Day’s photos are published exclusively on R-FH Retro. **

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