Retro Rumsonite Deer Rescue

Longtime Rumsonite Charlie Sully rescues a little deer at a Lakehurst Naval Air Station forrest fire in the 1950s
Photo/Paul Sully

Well, it seems that the fine officers at the Rumson PD are not the only ones making deer friends.

When we posted the Rumson PD photo and account of a recent deer rescue (sorta), a Rumson native let us know right quick that this sort of rescue gene runs in the borough.

“All people from Rumson are very kind to all God’s creatures,” Paul Sully told us, offering a photo very similar to the recent one of the police officer holding a baby deer.

“That is Charlie Sully from 4 Maplewood Ave. (Rumson) back in late 50s at a forrest fire in Lakehurst Naval Air Station,” Paul said.  Charlie was Paul’s father. He was a longtime Rumsonite and member of the Rumson Fire Department and First Aid Squad.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day, courtesy of Paul Sully, honors a the fine tradition of Rumsonites’ community service and the rescue and friendship of little four legged creatures.

Charlie Sully lived in Rumson until 2005 and passed away in 2007 at 89. Many may remember him as the “sailor directing traffic for Memorial Day Parade in uniform. Usually dress blues!” Paul said. Charlie served in the U.S. Navy for 28 years.

Well, thank you for your service to your country, Rumson and this little four-legged friend, Charlie Sully. You are remembered.

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management