Retro RFHers’ Great Summer Adventure

RFHers on a 1970s summer jaunt to Great Adventure
Photo/Marc Edelman

A reprise in honor of these summer days and close encounters among RFH friends … 

When summer hits in the Rumson-Fair Haven area, teens tend to flock to the Sea Bright beach clubs … the river … the public beach (yes) … Donovan’s … or they hit the road and set out for a great adventure, albeit a sweaty one on some long lines to a big ride, a log flume, a dip in a crowded wading pool or something else that veers away, like a preppy style train wreck, from the R-FH area summer norm.

While for many years, people have flocked to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson for a thrill on a giant rollercoaster, some entertainment and a little safari, it was considered (and probably is more so now) a true departure for the RFH teen. After all, why stray from the area to which all flock for summer fun. It’s a Jersey Shore iconic spot in its own right.

Well, some still made it their business to stray to that great adventure land. They’d go in groups and set out for sights beyond the Sea Bright skyline and surf.

Sometimes that meant just eating some good ol’ amusement park grub and hanging out and perhaps dipping the toes into a fountain. Balloons came along with the package.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day honors that trek away from home in the 1970s.

Though, the RFH roots are a bit telling with some of the outfits and style in this pic from the Facebook photo album of Marc Edelman. Those alligator shirts and khakis are always a giveaway.

Recognize anyone? Who drove? License? Where are you venturing out on an adventure away from home this summer?