Retro RFH Rainy Day Lunching

Lunch time for Halloween trick-or-treaters at RFH circa 1977
Photo/George Day

Well, rainy days like today and hangin’ in the Senior Commons at RFH were just about as cool as The Carpenters’ hit song in the 1970s. It didn’t have to be on Monday, though. And nothing got RFHers down when it came to Halloween fun and lounging. The fun just stayed inside and all RFH cozy-like.

Let’s face it. It’s not every day that you get the chance to grab a bite of good ol’ RFH cafeteria grub — or a little scary costumed sustenance, let’s say.

It’s also not every day that you get the chance to “cop a squat” in the RFH senior lounge to ingest the spirit, or spirits, of the day in the company of Harpo and Groucho Marx.

Well, that’s the way Halloween went in 1977 at RFH. The halls, the grounds and the lounges of the high school were rife with ghosts, goblins, famous and infamous characters and just plain characters.

And, in the true spirit of celebrating all saints, sinners and other apparitions, there was a lot of roaming and mingling of both worlds.

There’s far less roaming at RFH in this era of no modular schedule and there’s no longer a special lounge for seniors a/k/a, the Senior Commons.

How about that RFH Halloween spirit, though? What was your favorite costume as an RFHer? Now? Should the guys and ghouls still roam free on a mod? Recognize anyone?

— Photos/George Day

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Lounging time for some Halloween characters at RFH circa 1977
Photo/George Day