Retro RFH Dance into Summer Times

As the unofficial start of summer approaches, thoughts turn to beachy sorts of antics among pals — RFH pals, specifically. Call it something to sing and dance about — center stage.

With a little costuming and role reversals, out of the musical South Pacific, set on a South Pacific island during World War II, a song was born that featured a sailor (or two) and a bodacious babe dubbed Honey Bun.

The song became known for its comedic moment in the show when the character Luther Billis (a soldier) dons a grass skirt and a coconut “top” and nurse Nellie Forbush suits up as a sailor and, well, the singing and dancing ensues with a lot of hilarity. In South Pacific, the number was done as part of a variety show put on by the nurses on the island to entertain the troops and bring some cheer to those serving during war time.

On Memorial Day, we remember those who died while serving the country. We must not forget that.

The weekend before it also signals that unofficial start of summer and fun. South Pacific was set during World War II, so in ode to soldiers who died while serving and the classic spirit of entertaining the troops, we take a look back at a Honey Bun moment at RFH in 1975.

The stage was set for the RFH Freshman Follies when Ward Tietz, class president, got all dolled up like Luther with a hula skirt, coconut shell top and a festive cigar to help a couple of sailors act as Nellie x2.

Though, poor Ward Tietz ended up with a very itchy rash from those coconuts. The “nurses” in sailor suits had a bit of trouble holding onto their hats while breaking character for a few chuckles at that Honey Bun. But, hey, they kept kicking and singing — sort of.

Recognize these nurses in sailor suits? How about that Honey Bun? Ever seen an RFHer look better?

Oh, and many thanks, again, to the fabulous George Day for yet another treasure of a photo.

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management