Retro RFH Cheering for the Boys

The role reversed cheerleaders of RFH Powder Puff Football 1977. Photo/RFH yearbook screenshot

Let’s cheer it for the RFH boys of 1977! They were game for pretty much anything.

The moment doesn’t get much more classic than this one — some young guys of the RFH Class of ’78 getting all dressed up with somewhere to go, like the RFH football field, just to cheer the girls on in style at a powder puff football game with some feminine wile, gusto and guts to boot!

Yes, you’ve seen this collection of Retro Pic of the (George) Day snapshots of that day in the fall of 1977.

So, just to cheer you on with a smile for the weekend, here they are again.

Hip, hip, holy cartwheel! Gooooooo RFH guys! One question. Where did they get certain under garments to augment (ahem) the cheering gear? We’ve always been afraid to ask.

Recognize any of these renegades? Some are still in the area.

Thanks, once again, to George Day for providing this classic look into the past!

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management