Retro Firemen Getting Wild in Wildwood

Fair Haven Fire Company members in Wildwood circa early 1970s

It’s that time for firemen in the state of New Jersey — time to gather and go a little wild in Wildwood at the annual NJ Firemen’s Convention.

And for Fair Haven firemen, that time always comes a couple of weeks after the Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair, so it’s always seemed like more of a party reward, with a little learning on the side, for them. This year it’s today and tomorrow, Sept. 16 and 17 down at the Wildwood Convention Center on the boardwalk.

So, the firemen flock down to Wildwood, joining thousands of those doing the same first responder volunteer work from across the state, to get a little beachy, a little kooky and embrace the camaraderie that comes with firefighting brotherhood. And that it is. A brotherhood … and sisterhood.

As conventions usually go, of course there’s partying and silly antics as the hard-working 24/7 volunteers let down their ladders.

Back in the early 1970s, we think, the featured Retro Pic of the Day is one of many from that Wildwood trip. Which hotel was the usual for the Fair Haven crew, we cannot recall. Perhaps you can.

Regardless, this classic crew, made up of a former chief, chairman of the fair, fair balloon lady and more, was in a clowning around mood and up to something with paper plates comprising some sort of sign. For what? We have no idea. But they did seem to be quite serious and giddy about it at the same time.

It’s certain, however, that three of four plates held by front-liners spell out “hug,” with an upside down U and G, that is. Why? No clue. And Barbara Lang, on the far right, is holding the unrevealed last piece of the word puzzle. Looks like her and Madeline Robbins are conspiring over it. Hmmmmm …

Whatever the case, it’s all about celebrating our volunteer firemen this weekend, so cheers to getting wild in Wildwood! Enjoy, area firemen!

Have you thanked a volunteer fireman today?

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management