Police Appreciation: Retro Rumson PD

Reprise in honor of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Appreciating Rumson police …

It wouldn’t be a true honoring of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day without taking a look back at Rumson police as well, belated as it may be. They call the area the Rumson-Fair Haven area for a reason — community.

It’s been that way seemingly forever. The two peninsula towns sit side-by-side and function as true neighbors. Always have. And as with any good neighborhood, there are those neighbors who truly live up to the good aspect. They check on one another. They help one another. They work together. They play together. And they root out the bad to keep things all good.

So, we take a look back, the same small town community police standards in mind as with Fair Haven’s crew in blue. Rumson’s police department has grown threefold since the days of old — how old, we’re not exactly sure by the looks of the oldest photo, courtesy of Rumson PD. There are 15 officers, including Chief Scott Paterson. And, as with Fair Haven, there are several special law enforcement officers.

These guys, like Fair Haven’s, embody the true spirit of community policing. Quite a few are Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School grads, like Chief Scott Paterson. Some were raised in Rumson or Fair Haven and remain there. Others are true honorary residents with an authentic vested interest.

In addition to protecting, these guys known to always be out and about rescuing critters from the neighborhoods and even the river, getting to know you and setting an example of being kind to one another by lending a hand that is never beneath you.

In fact, you’ll frequently even see the chief out directing traffic, waving hello and chatting with residents at an event. The chief and his crew are know to take that extra minute to check on someone in need, stop for that kid’s lemonade stand and reach out to people to keep them in the loop. It’s more than protecting and serving. It’s participating in the community as far as they’re concerned.

The officers always participate in events such as the Police Unity Tour, area charity runs and more. You’ve likely seen them. And the chief has become the top fundraiser for Special Olympics via his annual participation in the Polar Bear Plunge.

On its website, the department makes it clear that the chief is “always happy to hear from our longtime residents and to have the opportunity to know our new ones” between the hours of 8 and 4 p.m., of course, when he is working.

Thanks Rumson PD! It’s never too late. Have you thanked an officer today?

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management