Focus: Fair Haven Schools’ Halloween

It was a happy Halloween at Fair Haven’s Viola L. Sickles and Knollwood schools.

 Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten a.m. students at Sickles School showed off their costumes and their spirit during a parade held in front of the school on the morning of Oct. 31.
In the afternoon, students in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten p.m., and first through third grades paraded through nearby McCarter Park.
The students then participated in a theatre-in-the-round production of Charlie & the Halloween Chocolate Factory. Sickles Music Teacher Vince Mottern developed the event and hosted as the character of Willie Wonka. Also featured was a grown-up Charlie (Sickles Physical Education Teacher Daniel Ranahan), the Wizard (Superintendent Sean McNeil), and the Scary Spider Candy (Principal Cheryl Cudihy). Sickles teachers were featured as scary and sweet candies from the Halloween Candy Factory.
The students were a part of the show in the roles of village children. The village children urged Charlie to trade his “scary” and bad-tasting creations for the sought-after candies he used to make.
Music for the Sickles School parade and event was provided by DJ Stephen Brady.
At Knollwood School, the students in fourth and fifth grade participated in an afternoon Halloween parade followed but a dance performance of the song Monster Mash.
Students at both schools got safety tips and glow-sticks from local police to ensure a Happy Halloween for all.
— Edited press release from the Fair Haven School District
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