Fair Haven Police Investigating Local ATM Skimming

Fair Haven police are investigating a fraud case involving the use of an ATM skimmer at 1st Constitution Bank in the borough.

So far, they have found that 16 people have been defrauded of a total of $18,000 from their accounts. The money was reported missing from the accounts of people who used the ATM at the bank branch between Sept. 1 and 11, police said.

A thread about unauthorized, suspicious bank account activity had gotten ensued on the closed Fair Haven Moms & Dads Facebook group page a few days ago.

Anyone who has used that ATM should check their account records for any suspicious withdrawals or debits, police added.

Skimmers are illegal devices that pick up personal information from debit cards, including numbers and/or PINs. The information can be used to create duplicate debit cards.

Police advise people who feel their accounts may have been compromised to cancel their cards and get new ones.

No suspects have been identified as of yet.

As the investigation continues, police ask that anyone who suspects fraud or has seen unusual activity in their account contact them at 732-747-0241, X 326.

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management