Retro RFH View From the Baseball Sidelines

Well, it’s pretty clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has struck out baseball at RFH and everywhere else this season.

Waiting for their time at bat to knock it out of the park, dugout time can prove quite pensive. Sitting it out. Coming off the field victorious or slammed. Whatever the reason for the time in the dugout, it was still time spent with the team.

These days, though, even being benched is a solitary event. So, as the RFH baseball players of today sit out the game separated, quarantined during an unprecedented time that they’ll no doubt get together and talk about at their reunions, we offer a look back to RFH baseball of the 1970s and another view from the dugout of a team deep in thought.

Looks like one of these players is bothered by something. Can anyone guess what? Who are these guys?

Thanks, once again, to the fabulous George Day for this look back in RFH time!