Retro RFH Supreme Show Time

RFH Freshmen Follies '74 and the Diana Ross and The Supremes act. Photo/George Day
RFH Freshmen Follies ’74 and the Diana Ross and The Supremes act.
Photos/George Day

It’s all about fall show time this time of the year at RFH. Call it a supremely theatrical time.

It’s that time of the year when the stage is usually set for a first theatrical production of the year. Though, this year, the stage is a computer. And that’s a first, too. The Tower Players are about to take their places on the screen for a first online production of Shuddersome: Tales of Poe.

That’s some serious Edgar Allan Poe business. It’s a theatrical adaptation of some of Poe’s most chilling, best known works.

But, back in 1974, in a pandemic-free time peppered with the antithesis of chilling, silly RFH freshmen, the stage was set for a variety show. No serious Tower Player talent required, just the guts and spirit to perform.

Oh, there were quite a few crazy acts that students just made up on their own, like Beethoven’s Fifth performed on kazoos by tuxedo tails-clad girls, and girls on the ol’ beach in their moms’ beach get-ups, odes to popular songs, pies in the face and all sorts of serious and silly imitations and creations. Then there was a truly Supreme act. Someone set some performance dare devils free. It was a gaggle of gutsy guys all dressed up with somewhere to go and a few Supremes songs to sing.

You’ve seen them before, but they’re worth a reprise in light of the upcoming show.

Yes, the year was 1974. A few guys gathered in a basement with a record player and some Diana Ross and the Supremes vinyl. Then came their moms’ dresses, hats and wigs. Seems that they forgot to raid the moms’ shoe trees, though. Ahem. Are those Walabees under those gowns?

It was the RFH Freshmen Follies. Probably one of the only ones ever done in the history of the high school, since no one can seem to recall any others.

These guys got their song — and attire — on and belted it out in more ways than one.

So, you guessed it. The Retro Pic(s) of the (George) Day is the back-by-popular-demand double dose of this crew of Kevin Reed as none other than Diana Ross (RIP, Kevin) and Calvin Williams, Joey Jones and Jerry Brooks as the, well, Supremes — or whatever they were.

This show was quite entertaining. And the outfits … Well, let’s just say that everyone found out what was lurking in the back, or frighteningly, the front of the closets of the moms of these supreme stars.

So, here’s to a great time online with the Tower Players tonight and memories of classic staged moments at RFH.

Now, exit stage left, gracefully, guys and … someone please set them free why don’t ya?! Lights, camera, wardrobe, please!

Anyone remember what they sang? And, do tell, who do you think had the most stylish mom, judging from these closet picks?

Thanks, yet again, to George Day for these classic moments on film!

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management