Retro Fair Haven Snow Day Creation

Photo/Picture of Register photo clip by Dave Kingdon

A reprise from February, 2017 in honor of the next snowfall due today … 

With the onslaught of snow and pandemic cloistering lately there’s been a lot of chatter about snow days and how to get creative with the white stuff. Well, in the 1970s, a few R-FH area kids took their creativity farther than most would be allowed to these days. And that chatter could have well been the chattering of teeth in the freezing weather.

In Fair Haven, decades ago, we kids never knew when we’d actually get a snow day. They seemed more sparse and we, well, we were grateful for one. Usually, when a snow day arrived, we were notified by an awakening signal — the fire horn atop the firehouse, that sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher with some bad gas — that could be heard throughout town. I think it was a 3-2 blow on the horn that signaled “NO SCHOOL!”

We’d open our eyes at dawn, waiting with bated sleds, snow gear and frosty breath ’til the sound o’ joy sounded. Then there was screaming, a little dancing in the streets and plans hatched right quick for snow antics.

Some people got mighty creative and adventurous.

And, back in the day, there was actually enough newsroom staff for a photographer to wander about and catch some cool snow day creations and their school’s out creators.

On this one snow day roughly 40 years ago (Ouch!), these teens decided to make a bonafide, functional igloo.

These days, any such snow and ice hut may just be outlawed as a hazard or not quite up to new code, perhaps. But, there was nary a worry then about this hut to house wayward, not-so-abominable snow demons. This igloo, in fact, was quite the habitable creation. It  housed four RFH teens overnight! Yup. I said overnight.

According to the guys and the photo caption from the Red Bank Register, Robert Neff, Peter Mauger, and Peter and Tom Gringas, slept in the 20-foot-in-diameter “icy retreat.” They laid down plastic on the floor and slept in sleeping bags.

Now, if that isn’t a snow day to dream sweet cold dreams about …

So, the Retro Pic of the Day is that Register glimpse of those ol’ RFH dudes on a banner snow day on Park Road.

Good job, guys! This editor’s only snow adventure claim to fame was a brave, chilly go for “fashion” by sledding at Tower Hill in white pleather — OK, shiny plastic — go-go boots.

Ouch. Back to school was looking a lot better than my frostbitten toes after that painfully cute snow day maneuver. Nothing like fancying yourself to be Nancy Sinatra taking on the hill in those boots made for WALKING … not sledding.

Hey, it’s the warm thought that counts, right?

How did you sleep that night, guys? Anyone?

— Elaine Van Develde

John Caroli
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