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Retro RFHers’ Great Adventure

RFHers’ adventure to Great Adventure
Photo/courtesy of Marc Edelman, Facebook

It’s a given. Dismal weather makes confined teens antsy. And the dismal weather doldrums of late have given way to aspirations of a simple romp in the sunshine — or something less corny and way cooler than that.

There’s been a promise these days of sun after a run of rain and  soppy snow. So, when there’s a hint of a peek of sunshine and higher temperatures, all good RFHers have always had the spirit of adventure to venture out … far out.

Back in the late 1970s, this crew got the itch to hit the road and sun and literally get to a Great Adventure. Nothing like springing a bunch of RFHers in a spring fever pitch.

They even romped a bit in the fountain … not that we’d encourage anyone to get carried away or take a leap …

So, with February, not quite spring or summer, busting out all over we pay homage to sunny days and the free spirit that comes with them, not to mention the ridding of foul weather ants in the pants.

The fun had here was pretty pure.

What was your favorite RFH teen adventure? Recognize anyone?