Retro RFH Baseball

Baseball at RFH in the 1970s Photo/George Day
Baseball at RFH in the 1970s
Photo/George Day

While baseball season at RFH started earlier in the month, today marked the start of Major League Baseball season.

So, in honor of the nationwide start of the season, here’s a look back, once again, to baseball times and familiar faces at RFH in the 1970s.

This Retro Pic of the (George) Day give some focus to one guy in the  Class of ’78 from the dugout — Frank Buchanan. Remember Frank? He was known to be a little fresh in elementary school in Fair Haven. He got taunted about that at the 20th reunion. So, we will relent for now.

Funny how things stick in the mind of a second grader.

Clutching his head in an unfocused snapshot in the forefront is Bill Dooley.

Know anyone else?

Thanks to George Day for this great shot!

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