Retro RFH Baseball Boys Playing the Field

Batters are up for RFH Boys Baseball season. Games are in full swing. Call the popularity of the game a home run hit.

All that has always been true for RFH sports. The enthusiasm is a mainstay. Some things never change. Yet, some things do. There’s been one major change over the years: the look. The game is the same. The uniforms … not so much.

So, the Retro Pic of the (George) Day offers a glimpse of some RFH players playing the game back in the 1970s. They were all suited up with some place to go — the baseball field. In the 70s, the look of the uniform was a bit more staid. There was no purple, black and white. And, notice how the hats said RFH and the shirts said Regional. Hmmmm.

Now, about the featured stars of those games … Who’s who in these photos? Recognize anyone? Remember who the top RFH baseball hits were? How about the fans? And where are they in these photos?

Click each to enlarge and let us know!

Batter up! Caption these!

Thanks to George Day for these classic RFH sports shots back in time!