Scene Around: Visit with Deer Friends in Rumson

Deer crossing sighting by Rumson dog Nancy Spakowski
Photo/Sue Hill-Spakowski

Oh, deer! That’s likely what Rumson dog Nancy Spakowski was thinking when she had a little visit with a family of deer while taking a stroll on Blackpoint Horseshoe Road today.

This pack had no fear and seemed to invite a little interaction. Nancy’s human mom, RFH grad Sue Hill-Spakowski, said that Nancy would, under normal circumstances, chase the deer; but, this time, she appeared to be transfixed in a bit of a state of shock, as there were so many.

Nancy is a playful, strong 2 1/2-year-old. And, mama Sue said, “We use the gentle leader so she won’t pull … I was tempted to let her go, though …”

Hmmmm. Now, if she had, would there have been a peaceful, fun play date with the deer family in Rumson today or mayhem? Either way, it’s a cool sighting and moment for Nancy and her new friends.

Keep your ears perked like Nancy’s and eyes wide open for another cool sighting and encounter in the R-FH area.

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