Retro RFH Haunting

An RFH Halloween ghostly gaggle of the 1970s
Photo/George Day

Sometimes it’s not just the spirit of the season. Sometimes we are haunted by good memories. The year was 1977. It was an RFH Halloween.

Seniors of the Class of ’78 were geared up for some ghostly fun. They gathered in the Senior Commons and paraded around, and, yes, out of the confines of the RFH campus.

So, in keeping with Halloween tradition and memories, the Retro Pic of the (George) Day brings us back to one haunting hoopla that year.

This gaggle of ghosts, sporting some sort of signature bandanas and sunglasses, were hanging in a tree — well, more like leaning. Apparently these ghosts didn’t fly. They flopped — for a pose. They lingered, too — popping up in different spots all day.

Why sunglasses? To dim the glare of the spirit world? Bandanas? Hmmmm. Biker ghosts?

Do you know who they were and where they were haunting in this flashback moment in time?

Scared ‘o them!

Thanks, again, to the fabulous George Day for this snapshot back in time!