Retro Dude Ranch Hangin with Knollwood Kids & Teachers


There’s nothing quite like a final class trip — with class clowns, friends, foes and teachers. Yes, teachers.

This particular trip was taken in 1974 to a dude ranch somewhere with Fair Haven’s Knollwood School soon-to-be grads and teachers. Where, none of the old folks in the pictures can remember. Hey, some of us don’t even remember the trip.

But, the photos don’t lie. The Knollwood School graduating Class of 1974 took a trip to a dude ranch just before graduation some time. How do we know that? Well, it was hot out and kids and teachers, yes teachers, were in bathing suits in two of these priceless pics.

Now, do you recognize anyone in these photos? Let’s the identification process with the teachers, who looked like kids themselves in the featured photo, save for the bearded Mr. Z!

The other two, who many may think are students … Well, they’re not. One is the ever-popular, recently retired Eileen Kubaitis (center). The other? Hmmmm. Not sure. Anyone?

And, who are those studly dudes posing in their suits at the ol dude ranch? The girls?

Now that’s a class trip!

— Photos/courtesy of Jeanne Murphy Wnorowski