RFH Phys Ed Teacher Rob Orrok: Educator of the Year

Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) Physical Education teacher Rob Orrok has been named the high school’s Educator of the Year.

Now in his sixth year of teaching at RFH, Orrok earned the honor for being known to work in constant collaboration with his colleagues and supervisor, Sharon Bryant, to develop advances in physical education. Orrok was viewed as a stand-out in his field at the high school particularly for his implementation of what has been dubbed the  Choice System for the daily selection of rotating activities by students.
“The Choice System has given us the ability to put the students in charge of their own learning,” he said. “We have seen many positive effects, including an increase in the participation and engagement levels of all students. We have also developed a universal grading approach to allow for a more comprehensive evaluation of students while utilizing the Choice System.”
Orrok, who was named Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for RFH in 2014, has achieved the following accomplishments and honors as well:
  • Implementation of an effort  and leadership-based approach to the evaluation of Physical Education students.
  • Collaboration with many of his colleagues and members of the administration,  including Tom Buffa, Frank Gripp, Chris Lanzalotto, Joe Murphy, Chuck Pittman, and Ross Reed, on the design, outfitting, and construction of the cutting-edge RFH Fitness Center.
  • Working with assistant coaches, including Andrew Hudson, Chris Quinn, and Eric Zullo, to create and manage all in-season/off-season training programs throughout the year, as well as to schedule all off-season groups, and perform data/record collection.
  • Helping enhance the cafeteria menu in order to help students and faculty members understand more about nutrition and eat healthier foods.
  • Working with RFH Supervisor of Technology Chris Alworth and Network Administrator Sal Catalano to tie technology into the fitness center and school cafeteria, via television and digital signage software.
“I love working at RFH, and having the opportunity to teach students who want to learn and be successful,” Orrok said. “It’s great to have people around me who share common goals and are willing to put themselves second to the betterment of the school and the students.”
Orrok is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NCSA C.S.C.S.) and is Functional Movement Screening certified. He earned a degree in movement and sports studies from Springfield College in Massachusetts, where he majored in Health Studies and minored in Health. While at Springfield, Orrok spent four years on the football team.
— Edited press release from Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH)