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The R-FH Area Weekend: Egg Hunts & ‘Anything Goes’

Well, according to weather forecasts, Saturday’s a washout this weekend, putting off Easter egg hunts pretty much everywhere to either Sunday or next week. As far as at least one indoor event, though, anything goes — literally.

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Focus: Hoppin’ Egg Hunt Classics

In light of this past weekend’s onslaught of egg hunts, we’re taking you back again to the most classic moments in Rumson-Fair Haven area egg hunting …

Ahhhhh, the egg hunt! It’s known as the quickest event in any town all around the world — or at least the Rumson–Fair Haven area neck o’ the bunny hop turf.

The kids gather, baskets in tow. They smash themselves up against the “Egg Hunt Scene” tape. The tape drops. They scramble … for all of about three minutes of mayhem.

It’s a difficult event to photograph. You have to just hippity hop to it, keep clicking and hope you get a good few freeze-framed moments. Well, over the years, we have — gotten some priceless snapshots amid the mystical misadventure.

In Rumson, there has been a lot of flying, stumbling and seizing of the coveted eggs. In Sea Bright, where the event has been held on the beach, things have always been a little more calm, but anywhere from bizarre to classic adorable in photo captures, nonetheless.

Take a look back, laugh and remember the misery, mayhem and just plain cuteness of it all. Oh, and by the way, Fair Haven wins for the quickest of all egg hunts. We could barely get out of the car, camera in hand, before it was over.

But, we got Rumson and Sea Bright classics. These are our classic most popular pics from over the years … (Be sure to CLICK on one photo to enlarge for the full view and scroll. Enjoy and smile — or laugh a little!)

— Photos/Elaine Van Develde exclusively for R-FH Retro