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A Retro RFH Ladies’ Club

The Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) Ladies of the Round Table are featured as the Retro Pic of the Day.

It’s pretty likely that RFHers from this decade have never heard of such a thing. It, actually may have been indigenous to the Class of ’78.

The mission of this unique “group of good will and cheer,” as stated in the yearbook, was to “meet weekly to imbibe and to pursue leisurely interests …”

Hmmmm. They were very cool, as this editor recalls. Somehow, however, it’s highly doubtful that RFH would ever see a club like this one again.

The graphic, very well done, shows a round table in front of a fireplace with a softball, a bat, a pitcher (of something), and a pack of cigarettes.

Remember? Know any of these ladies?