Retro RFH Football Times & Uniforms

Yes, football season has kicked into high gear at RFH, so let’s take a moment to tackle this handsome team of players of an unknown year as well as the issue of name and uniform style.

Is it all in a name or uniform? Certainly not. It’s all about the game and how it’s played, of course. But, there are some quirks worth taking the ball and running with for a bit. No harm, no fumble. Just fun.

So … They call those RFH players dawgs these days. It’s a little slang for RFH Bulldogs, the team’s mascot. Some old timers hate it. Some love it. Nonetheless, all RFH teams are bulldogs, dogs or dawgs in one way or another — slang or not, with a plain old “o” or “aw” in between that d and g.

And, rest assured, there’s never been a touchdown of mass opinion on the issue of uniforms, either — from the classic school purple and white colors, to black and purple, to black, white and purple. There’s always been someone or a few balking at color combinations, too.

Though, it is pretty clear that purple stays. It must. Purple is the true identifying color for all things RFH.

Then there’s the uniform pattern. Field goal? Not sure. That’s where this Retro Pic of the Day comes in.

We’re not certain of the year this photo was taken on the field of Borden Stadium, but there seems to be a pattern that is not ever seen these days — stripes on the shoulders.

And there’s no high school or team name on the jerseys, either. How new is that tradition? Or were they scrawled on the back with the players’ names. Hmmmm.

Wait. Was this snapshot taken before or after the conversion of Rumson High School to RFH? We’re thinking after.
Anyone? Recognize any of these guys? Favorite uniform color combo? Pattern?

Do we have a touchdown? How about a common sports goal? Yes. Everyone’s game!

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management