Retro RFH Class of ’80 Reunion

RFH Class of 1980 35th reunion at Salt Creek Grille Photo/Steve H-Minus Facebook post screenshot
RFH Class of 1980 35th reunion at Salt Creek Grille
Photo/Facebook post screenshot

Yes, the RFH Class of 1980 reunited after 35 years (OK, some still hang out together) over the weekend — or some of the class, anyway.

When these guys and girls graduated, the top song was Blondie’s Call Me and number two was Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall. Can you guess what number three was? Hint: the singer was another blonde female.

Class members tell us they were out and about at the classic Donovan’s Reef Tiki bar stop, where all RFH reunions traditionally start — well, except when the Class of ’78 had its reunion 10 months after Hurricane Sandy.

And the main event was held at Salt Creek Grille in Rumson.

So, in honor of the RFH Class of ’80, the Retro Pic of the Day is one of the gathering of classmates at Salt Creek.

Speaking of classmates, do you know which local official is an RFH Class of ’80 alum? Shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out.

Cheers, Class of ’80! Here’s to another 35! Well, five? Ten?

Thanks to Steve H-Minus for taking this pic and sharing it!


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