Retro MIschievous RFH Ghosts

An RFH Halloween ghostly gaggle of the 1970s
Photo/George Day

A reprise from 2017 just because … BOO! 

It’s Mischief Night. Scary season has set in … in more ways than one.

People in the Rumson-Fair Haven area have been haunting up their homes, crafting costumes and getting into the spirit. So, why not add a little extra retro spooking from RFH students of the past?

BOO who or what? It was all in the haunt for RFHers back in the 1970s. They started getting the Halloween party going early on and ended up with a pretty festive feast of ghouls on the grounds of the high school and, yes, beyond.

So, in keeping with Halloween tradition and memories, the Retro Pic of the (George) Day brings us back to one haunting hoopla in 1977. It’s a little reminder that all good RFH ghouls who remember the spookings of the past are delighted to repeat them. Some of these folks are likely parents of current RFHers, you know.

So, all’s fair in a good ghosting. This particular gaggle of ghosts had a bit of a 70s brand, sporting some sort of uniform doo rags and sunglasses of the era, which happen to be in style again. Fashion statement or identity give-away? Not sure.

Apparently, these ghosts didn’t fly, either. They flopped — for a pose. They lingered, too — popping up in different spots around RFH all day. Did they ever reveal their student identities? Hmmm.

Why sunglasses? To dim the glare of the spirit world or hide their eyes? Hmmm. The bandanas?

Do you know who they were and where they were haunting in this little ghost story snapshot?

Scared ‘o them!

Thanks, again, to the fabulous George Day for this snapshot back in time! 

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management