Lighting Up the Holidays in the R-FH Area

Yes, we are doing this again. Just because …

Remember the old Sunday night drive to check out all the Christmas lights when you were a kid?

Well, it doesn’t have to be a Sunday night. Any night is a good one for the drive around to look at the lights, especially during a socially distant, need-some-cheer holiday time.

We took a little night drive in Fair Haven. And there’s some classic Rumson additions. The only thing that was missing was the ol’ “Ooooo … ahhhh” and the backseat sibling quibbling to Dad’s, “Girls! If I have to pull this car over!”

This is what we saw. And it’s just a sampling. There are also so master decorators in Fair Haven who are collecting for charities. Both have been decoration winners in the borough’s annual contest. One on Country Lane and the other on Parker Avenue.

Be sure to check them out and give what you can. Take a look. Take a drive. Help out. Enjoy!

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management