Retro RFH Cheer for Champs

Photo/RFH yearbook screenshot
Photo/RFH yearbook screenshot

Well, the cheering for the RFH Bulldogs’ fourth consecutive state football championship has yet to cease.

And that’s how it goes with those spirited RFH cheers. The people of R-FH land are proud and rightly so.

So, in the interest of equal time and continuing to honor the champs, the Retro Pic of the Day zooms in on a group of real RFH cheerleaders of the past — the late 1970s to be sort of exact.

These are the real deal girls with their genuine purple and white plaid kilt skirts (rather than sister or mother’s clothes), saddle shoes (rather than work boots), and knee socks (in place of long johns, or whatever those things were on the guys). Oh, and the pom-poms and megaphones are authentic. Though the guys we showed you did manage to lift a couple of tools of the cheer trade from the girls, like those sweaters and a pom or two.

So, give this group of cheerleaders a gander. They were considered the coolest of the cool kids. Yup. The outfits and method of cheering have evolved quite a bit since then, but the sentiment is the same.

Go Bulldogs!

Recognize any of these girls? Some are still in the area.

— Elaine Van Develde