Retro RFH Snow Day Drive

A reprise in honor of the first R-FH area snowfall of the New Year and nostalgia for the days of waiting for the snow day whistle to blow … Yes, before the morning phone call and electronic communications, there was only the fire horn to listen for on what all kids wished would be a snow day … No need for snow days in pandemic times. Virtually no need. Remember the horn?

It may or may not have been a snapshot of the infamous Blizzard of ’78, but there was not an SUV in sight, that’s for sure. Yes, those slick sedans slipped and slid their way right to school. Or not. There was a lot more fearlessness of the white stuff. That was the RFH golden rule of the era.

I don’t remember being stuck anywhere, because we just plowed right through it all, no matter. Yes, the Blizzard of ’78 was 42 years ago today, yet there’s been no more than a momentary smattering of snow here and there all winter. Well, probably more there than here.

Whether or not weathering the storm was the task of the day, back in the day, it seemed as if nothing kept anyone off the roads or out for some fun. I don’t recall states of emergency, a lot of school closings or sedans buried in the driveway.

The Buick Skylarks, Chevy Malibus, VW Bugs, Toyota Corollas, wood-paneled Ford wagons and, yes, of course, cool Mustangs were riding, getting pushed out of drifts or doing donuts all the way to the destination, RFHers laughing all the way.

In fact, I recall a blizzard during the middle of which a friend and I went out to lunch at Hook, Line & Sinker. Yes, my dad was still yelling from the porch as I fearlessly hopped into the Toyota that did 190s and 360s all the way to Rumson. Sorry, Dad. We just had to go.

For all I know, it was the Blizzard of ’78. We paid no mind to the weather. It was all about the escape, the antics and the laughs. I don’t even think we had that much to eat at Hook Line. I mean, that wasn’t the point of the snow-driven escapade anyway.

Do you remember those snowy days as an RFHer? Where were you during the Blizzard of ’78? Favorite car to drive through the snow? Antics? What kind of cars are in this pic? Whose are they?

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management