A Little Retro Fair Haven Class

Have a little class — like this classic fifth grade group from what was Willow Street School back in the early 1970s.

The very next year, it became the Viola L. Sickles School. Yes, this was back when everyone in the borough went to Sickles for fifth and sixth grades then back to Knollwood for seventh and eighth.

This crew was posed pretty well and quite fashionable with their knit vests, jumpers, pig tails, long, straight hair and what looks like a perfectly-timed, in sync “Cheese!” to boot. You do have to wonder about the two hams up top in the center.

What is the boy looking and laughing at? And, the girl? Ready for Hollywood is the guess on that pose! Though it looks sorta like she’s following instructions and trying to stand very tall, but the head went with the sideways stance. Now that’s paying attention in class!

School pictures are coming to the parents now. The kids’ reactions are just as classic as the photos. It’s all over social media. While some kids couldn’t care less what they turned out to like on film (more like memory card), others are going as far as to say that the poses caught with the lens are an embarrassment to the family.

Recognize anyone? Can you spy which one of these gals in the first row works at Knollwood now? Anyone else familiar? How about that teacher? Remember his name?

What was your favorite outfit and hairstyle for your class pic?

Send us your most dreaded school pic! Don’t worry. No one will even know it’s you.

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management